Wedding takes a day, Marriage takes a lifetime.

As you embark on your lifelong journey together, well beyond the wedding day, you will continue to build a beautiful life. I firmly believe that this beauty should be preserved and cherished just as much as the moment you exchanged vows. That's why some of our wedding packages now include a complimentary membership to our Client for Life Program. This special offer grants eligible members an annual session completely free of charge, which includes 10 digital images. You can use this session to capture various moments in your life together: whether it's a session in your new home, annual headshots, a gathering with family during the holidays, a session with your beloved pets, your children, or even your cherished plants. The choice is entirely yours.

Who will be behind the camera?

That person is me. I'm recognized for my ability to produce imaginative photos marked by genuine and unscripted moments that leave a lasting impression. As a free-spirited and spontaneous romantic, I thrive on embarking on road trips, exploring nature through hikes by the water, and embracing all things reminiscent of DreamWorks and Disney tales with those happily-ever-after endings. (You name it!)

I'm a blend of fearless and bold, yet I also have a touch of that "princessy" and dreamy quality – perhaps from watching a bit too much Disney! As I navigate these incredible adventures we call life, I do so with full enthusiasm and zest. If you want to discover more about me, feel free to explore my ABOUT ME page.

I am based in Atlanta but am more than willing to travel extensively to pursue the work I am so passionate about – capturing beautiful moments.

Lois Okoli
Wedding Photographer